Mr. Muhammad Aleem Akhtar is a well-known visionary Entrepreneur as well as a highly regarded Digital Marketing Consultant based in Lahore. With over a year of working experience in the Digital Media Domain, he has had a good share of professional and personal successes, as well as serving some of the most well-known corporations organizations, professional forums and NGOs in Pakistan with his experience.

Mr. Muhammad Aleem Akhtar has inspired thousands of people to consider taking on Digital Media as a career through his training and work abilities. He has helped increase awareness regarding Digital Marketing and its impact in the present digital age. In doing this, he has developed and trained some of the most skilled Digital Marketing professionals in Pakistan.

Mr. Aleem Akhtar also established a name for himself by conducting training seminars and webinars about SEO, SMO, and digital marketing in all the major cities in Pakistan and online, with unbeatable participation every time.

Master Degree in Computer Science & Business Marketing from Comsat University, and his capacity to inspire others by his example, his name is. Muhammad Aleem Akhtar is often referred to as “Chronicle of a common man’s success” by his coworkers and colleagues.

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